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Unifying Representations in Neural Models

NeurIPS Workshops | New Orleans, Louisiana

Upcoming: December 2023

Why Deep Networks and Brains
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August 2023

Dynamic Geometrical Transformations: 

Language of Flexible Brain Computations

COSYNE Workshops | Montreal, Canada

March 2023

Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab

University of Amsterdam | Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 2023

Geometry and Shape Analysis for Neuroscience

SIAM Computational Science & Engineering | Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 2023

International Symposium on the Mathematics of Neuroscience

ICNAAM | Crete, Greece

September 2022

Symmetry, Invariance, and Neural Representations

Bernstein Computational Neuroscience Conference | Berlin, Germany

September 2022

Machine Learning and Science Forum

Berkeley Institute for Data Science | Berkeley, California

May 2022

UBC Science Early Career Invited Lecture

Institute for Applied Mathematics | University of British Columbia

March 2022